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The American Legion Riders of WA State (WAALR)

There are 12 districts in the state of WA American Legion out of those 12 there are 10 districts and 37 Chapters of the ALR. The WA State Legion Operating proceddures op34, give the posts and us a guidline on how to form a new chapter and run our Chapters. OP 34 also sets up the WA American Legion Riders Advisory Committee.

Our Web Site

This websight has been built with the vision of uniting the chapters and being able to share information throughout the state. As per OP 34 "All expenses shall be at the discretion of each Post" So to pay for this websight at the 2018 WA State Legion riders rally held in Ephrata WA, it was discused and voted on that this websight will be funded yearly by funds raised at the rally, wich is currently $221.86. The District pages are at the discresion of the corasponding advisory member on what content they would like to maintain on those pages.

Would your chapter like its own websight?

The State Webpage that was purchased has unlimited subdomains, if your WA ALR chapter would like their own page like www.post28.waalr.org and has someone in their chapter that can build your sight then that’s is easy to do. There is no cost to do this! if you would like a SSL certificate it costs as low as $10 a year, that your chapter would be responsible for. Few quick and easy steps to get squared away. Email me the minutes from one of your regular meeting approving a website and who is to be your webmaster along with their contact information.

  • 1. From there I will create the subdomain and email the webmaster the FTP information.
  • 2. then your webmaster will take over and set up your chapter page and publish it.
  • 3. If in the future a change of webmaster is needed the minutes authorizing this change will need to be emailed in and we will change the password and email the new webmaster, the password.
  • If you have someone in your chapter that doesn’t know how but is willing to learn I will help them get started with a template and from there I can teach the basics, which is how I learned.

    Keep the shiny side up!
    For God and County
    Pat Hanford
    American Legion Riders
    Director Art Semro WA Post 28
    webmaster waalr.org
    (509) 396-2072
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