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In Garden City, Mich., in 1993, Chuck "Tramp" Dare and Bill "Polka" Kaledas, commander of American Legion Post 396, shared an idea to start a motorcycle enthusiasts association within the organization. The two longtime riders wanted an environment where Legion family members could come together to share a common love for motorcycles.

Currently, over 110,000 American Legion Riders meet in over 2,000 chapters in every domestic department and in at least three foreign countries. True to the Legion's grassroots tradition, Washington American Legion Rider groups must be a program supported by a Post of The American Legion and shall uphold the declared principles of The American Legion as well as conform to and abide by the regulations and decisions of the Department of Washington. Each chapter manages its programs at the post level, where the best ideas are born.

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I ride..

with the legion riders because of the brotherhood I once felt during my enlistment. When I ride with the legion I am a part of a whole that represents everything we sacrificed to protect an idea... that idea is freedom. Freedom to speak our thoughts without fear of condemnation, freedom to stand for what we believe to be right though our neighbor may dissagree. When I am in the open wind watching those who have gone before me drink of that freedom, I am reminded of what it means to be an American. It was never about politics and idealism. It was a respect for the freedom we aspire to attain. It will always come at a cost. The legion riders for me represents the body of the voice of freedom. In the wind we show both veterans and civilians alike.... freedom, is what you make it!

Sean Allen - WA-ALR Post 141

The main ..

reason I ride with the Legion Riders is the feeling of being with Family. It does not matter what you ride or your skill level, you are accepted. Helping Veterans and doing things in the community is just icing on the cake. Al Varga - WA-ALR Post 7

I’m passionate ..

about riding as it helps me to clear my head and organize my thoughts. I take a lot of pride in riding and serving with the Legion Riders as an extended family, we are able to accomplish a lot of good works in our community’s.
Pat "Firehose" Hanford - WA-ALR Post 28